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How strong and beautiful you seem when you summon me.
So determined and sullen.
How can I refuse you, my devil, my saint?
Smite me and I might cry,
But I dare not question why
Should I envoke your anger.
My master, my savior,
I only wish to please, to be near you, to love you.
"Pitiful creature", you whisper and I breathe your sigh,
Every word to me a lullaby.
Your scent a contagion.
Your kiss an addiction.
Please don't send me away just yet.
I invite you to take me,
But again you forsake me
And I wait most obediently 'til you call for your wretch.
Loan me your strength, give me some purpose.
Let me bask in your warmth.
This is all that I desire.
I am more for your teachings and exist for your beatings.
This is all that I am.
I pledge myself to your whim.

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