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The Goblet of Illusion
Realms of Darkness
ChuckyV's Classic Horror Page
Land of Myst
Vampire Confidential

Projekt Records: Some of my favorite music comes from this label. They have very nice pictures and things on the website.

Extreme Championship Wrestling: ECW is the best American federation by far. Half naked lesbian cat fights, bloody barbed wire matches, ear-ringing chair shots, balcony-diving psychos, what more could you ask for?

The Official Wallace And Gromit Hompage: Wallace and Gromit is a British claymation masterpiece. This man and dog duo are always hilarious.

Godiva Chocolate: I'm a chocoholic... I can't help myself.

HGTV: Home and Garden Television. Yeah, I'm into all that crafty home improvement crap.

Stick Figure Death Theater

Tim's Shut Up Little Man Page: A website inspired by the infamous Shut Up Little Man Tapes. Two looney flakes that do nothing but drink and fight are taped by their neighbor. Words can't begin to describe it.

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