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Here's what I can tell you. I'm twenty-five and I'm a PTE (Pizza Transportation Engineer). I'm pretty much a shut-in aside from going to work. I will usually prefer the comfort of my home to anything that might be outside. Every once in a while I go to a show. I've seen King Diamond, Genitorturers, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, and Diamanda Galas among others.

Things I like:
music (the dark, gloomy kind, generally, but not exclusively), reading horror and scifi books, watching horror and scifi movies and tv, Sandman and the Watchmen, British comedy including Monty Python, Black Adder, The Young Ones, etc., Pepsi, making things, frogs, turtles, chocolate, punkin seeds, mandarin chicken, Gumby, Halloween, and complaining about bad tips.

Things I despise:
Bad tips, hockey hair, van drivers, public access tv, Hulk Hogan, having my hair pulled, Dr. Pepper, circus peanuts, coconut, tapioca pudding, yellow, exertion, and boring biography pages about people you don't care about...uh-oh.

Among my different net aliases are MotherDark, eliogabalus, mazikeen, LngDrkDementia, and LadyRosenred. LadyRosenred was taken from a Lake Of Tears song. The vocalist/guitarist gave me his blessing to use it. Ain't that nice?

You can find me in #scifi/fan at TalkCity, (WebTVers can use my IRC) or in, a WebTV only newsgroup.

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Another of me

Me at the park

Zeena and Toomay

My bo-friend

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New me
New me also
One of my favorite places in town
For the foot fetishist

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