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Welcome to my Dead Can Dance page. Since moving my site to Tripod I've taken down the sound clips, as I've heard they've been cancelling sites containing unauthorized RealAudio. You can still enjoy the discography and the pics below whilst I think of a new direction for this page.

The saddest news of all is that Dead Can Dance has disbanded. From what I read there was some sort of violent (although it's hard to think of them being violent) altercation and Lisa left during the recording of the new album. Last I heard, 4AD was planning on releasing what was already recorded, perhaps on Brendan's solo album, and Lisa was going to continue working and recording with Pieter Bourke. Ah well, all good things...

Click on an album cover (they're in chronological order) and you'll find it's track listing and a quote from Brendan Perry about the album.

Dead Can Dance/Garden of Arcane Delights
Spleen and IdealWithin the Realm of a Dying Sun
Serpent's EggAionA Passage In Time
Into the LabyrinthToward the Within

Lisa's solo albums:

The Mirror PoolDuality

Here are some pictures I've found here and there:

Brenden and Lisa
a nice pic of Lisa
Lisa with a thing on her head
Lisa and Pieter Bourke (formerly of Eden)
Early Dead Can Dance

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