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Dead Can Dance/Garden Of The Arcane Delights

The Fatal Impact
The Trial
East Of Eden
A Passage In Time
Wild In The Woods
Musica Eternal

~Garden Of The Arcane Delights~

Carnival Of Light
In Power We Entrust The Love Advocated
The Arcane
Flowers Of The Sea

The album artwork, a ritual mask from New Guinea, attempted to provide a visual reinterpretation of the meaning of the name Dead Can Dance. The mask, though once a living part of a tree is dead; nevertheless it has, through the artistry of its maker, been imbued with a life force of its own. To understand why we chose the name, think of the transformation of inanimacy to animacy.. Think of the processes concerning life from death and death into live. So many people missed the inherent symbolism, and assumed that we must be "morbid gothic types," a mistake we deplored and deplore...

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