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I gaze into your eyes so deep,
So strange,
They make me want to weep.
Your pain,
So perfect and complete.
I think I'm going insane

I reach into your heart so full,
Of hate.
It burns me, though it is cool.
Cruel fate,
You're playing me for the fool.
I realize all too late

This game of you and me,
I find,
Is ripping me at the seams.
My mind,
Is stripped of all its means.
I'm left so dumb and blind

These ghostly voices that I here,
I lift
My hands to cover my ears.
As if
I could block the madness and fear.
The knife in my back starts to shift

And when it seems you've had your fill,
You bend
My spirit to your will.
I fend
You off, but you win still.
This game must come to an end

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